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About Us

Mission Statement

To improve the social, economic and political status of women, and to encourage and support self-empowerment by acting as a resource and a catalyst for change, from a Feminist perspective.

We believe that women have the right to:

  • Self determination in all aspects of our lives...
  • Equal access to society's resources...
  • Safety and security of our person...
  • Fairness in the administration of justice and
  • Freedom from all forms of discrimination...

North Shore Women's Centre Goals

  • To provide women with access to resources (information,   referral, advocacy); to assist them with life choices
  • To actively address violence against women at all levels of the  community
  • To challenge sexism and all other forms of discrimination against women at all levels within the community
  • To work towards the elimination of the feminization of poverty
  • To operate from a feminist framework, as defined by the NSWC, is a person whose actions support and embody the values of growth, personal choice, wholeness, co-operation and equality of women 


'Her'story of the North Shore Women's Centre. In the spring of 1973, a small group of women decided to create change, not only in their own lives, but also in the lives of women in their community.



What is a Women’s Centre?  Is the Centre only for women experiencing abuse? Find out answers to questions that you may have about the Centre. 


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Board of Directors

Board of Directors of the North Shore Women's Centre.


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