Resources For People With Disabilities


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Services for People with Disabilities

Child Disability Benefit 

  • A tax-free benefit for families who care for a child under 18 years of age with a severe and prolonged impairment in mental or physical functions.


EI/Disability /Income Assistance - Ministry of Employment and Income Assistance (Provincial)  


Health Canada First Nations and Inuit Health Non-insured Health Benefits 

  • Provides supplementary health benefits, including medical supplies and equipment to eligible First Nations and Inuit throughout Canada.


Tax Credits and Deductions for Persons with Disabilities - Disability Tax Credit / Medical Expenses / Disability Support Deductions / Registered Disability Savings Plan 

Healthy Kids Program

  • Provides coverage for basic dental care and prescription eye wear for their children from low-income families

  • For more information call 1.866.866.0800


INSTRUCTIONS If you are receiving Ministry services and have a Person ID and a personal identification number:

1. Press option 1
2. Input your Person ID and PIN,
        or your Social Insurance Number

 3. Press option 3
4. Press option 6

INSTRUCTIONS If you are receiving Ministry services and do not have a Person ID or Social Insurance Number, or you are not a ministry client:

1. Press option 2
2. Enter your 10 digit phone number
3. Press option 3
4. Press option 7

Toll-Free Personal Supports Information Line