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Funders and Premier Donors

Our support in 2021/2022

Thank you

The North Shore Women's Centre acknowledges the support of all those individuals, organizations and businesses that collaborate with us to strengthen our ability to provide effective services to the community.  Their support allows the NSWC to maintain vital programs and services.


Businesses, individuals and other organizations interested in financially supporting or sponsoring our centre or specific events please contact us.  Thank you for demonstrating your commitment to supporting our community.

$15,000 and up

We would like to acknowledge the donations of:


We would like to acknowledge the donations of:


The Wheelbarrow Foundation

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  • Bea O'Reilly

  • Carol Howorth 

  • Layla Jaffer

  • Rabab Khan

  • Rino Murata

  • Roderick Swenson

  • Sabine Koren

  • The Helpalittle Foundation

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Community Partners

We would like to acknowledge the contributions of the following community partners, who supported our various programs, services, and fundraising events:

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Did you make a contribution that you don't see above? Please let us know!

Want to support the NSWC?

Every donation, big or small, goes directly towards our programs and services that support the women and gender-diverse members of our community. We are so thankful for your support!

Consider making a donation via cheque or through one of the online options on our website. Want to sustain your support? Please consider becoming a monthly donor!

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