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The Angel Shot Code

Sexual Assault Prevention and Bystander Intervention in Bars and Restaurants
You have a right to feel safe and to be free of violence. Trust your gut. Reach out_edited

Women deserve to feel safe in public spaces.

1 in 3 women experience unwanted sexual behaviour in public. Restaurants and bars are the most common public place where serious incidents of sexual violence and harassment take place [1]. Many women may hesitate to speak up or doubt themselves when they feel uncomfortable or unsafe. Enough is enough.

That is why the NSWC is piloting the Angel Shot Code campaign to empower women to seek help, increase bystander intervention, and prevent sexual assault in bars and restaurants.

Need help?

Did you find this page by scanning our poster's QR code? Do you need help? Please see the below resources:
Are you in immediate danger, or do you need to report a completed or attempted crime?

If you need immediate emergency help, please contact 911

If you do not need immediate emergency help but would still like to make a police report or seek other formal services, please contact:

- West Vancouver Police Department Non-Emergency: 604-925-7300
- North Vancouver RCMP Non-Emergency: 604-985-1311
- Crime Victim Assistance Program: 1-866-660-3888 or email:
- HealthLinkBC: 811

If you need medical attention following an instance of sexual or gender-based violence, please contact:

- Vancouver General Hospital Sexual Assault Service, Phone: (604) 875-2881

If you would like to speak with a rape crisis worker, crisis services worker, victim services worker, or need emotional support following an instance of sexual or gender-based violence, please contact:

- Family Services North Shore's Sexual Assault Response Program 24/7 Support Line: 604-924-7676
- WAVAW Rape Crisis Centre 24-Hour Crisis and Information Line: 604-255-6344
- VictimLink BC: Call 1-800-563-0808 | text 604 836-6381 | email

If you would like to read about your options for seeking help and support after an instance of sexual or gender-based violence, please visit:

-Help Starts Here: Information on Sexual Assault

If you have been targeted by sexual or gender-based violence, it is not your fault, and reporting it is your choice. For more resources on sexual assault, rape, and other forms of gender-based violence, visit the North Shore Women's Centre at 131 East 2nd Street, North Vancouver. 

A coordinated response

About the Sexual Assault Prevention in Bars and Restaurants initiative

The NSWC has created a poster campaign to be put by participating bars and restaurants in their Women's washrooms. The poster explains what the Angel Shot is, how to use the code, and provides further affirmation and resources.

1. The poster

We created a trauma-informed information booklet for bars and restaurants. This booklet offers information on sexual violence in Canada, how to respond to a patron who orders an Angel Shot, and provides resources for staff and patrons.

2. The handbook

The NSWC will administer a series of follow-up efforts to measure the efficacy of the initiative. We will then share the results and engage the community in discussions of the continuation of the program. 

3. Measuring Efficacy

Restaurant Request Form

Do you represent a bar, restaurant, or other establishment that would like to participate in the initiative?


Fill out this form to receive more information, or email

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