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Fearless Girls' Empowerment Programming

Be Fearless at the NSWC.

What is Fearless?

The Fearless youth programming portfolio started at the North Shore Women's Centre in 2007, when we hosted our first free Fearless Girls' Empowerment Summer Camp. 

Adolescence and teenage years for girls and gender-diverse youth is extremely complicated in today's online world, and we want to provide a variety of free and accessible avenues to educate, encourage, and empower young people on the North Shore.

Our Fearless Girls' Empowerment Programming portfolio is made up of:


  • Fearless Girls' Empowerment Summer Camps, week-long day camps for youth entering grades 8-12

  • Flip the Script with EAAA™, a 12-hour evidence-based sexual assault prevention training offered by the NSWC for self-identified girls aged 16-19

  • After School Girls' Group, a weekly social group at our drop-in resource centre for youth aged 13-16 to make meaningful connections in a safe and feminist space

  • Girls Hub, an online resource guide for young women and gender-diverse youth to learn about what is available to them on the North Shore (coming soon).

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Girls' Summer Camps

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Flip the Script with EAAA

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After School Girls' Group

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Girls Hub: An Online Resource Guide

Fearless After-School Girls Group

The Fearless After-School Group is for self-identified girls and gender-diverse youth!

This group has been made with the intention of creating a space, with a feminist-perspective,  where youth can strengthened their self-confidence and character while creating meaningful and caring connections.

The key aspect of the group is CURIOSITY! We are here to ask questions, have fun and create a space that is yours!

About the group's current session:
Media and Activism

We are now offering the Media and Activism 10 week after-school program, from October 11th to December 13th.

We are offering two streams, our pre-teen group for youth in grades 6 and 7, and our teen group for youth in grades 8-12.

This program was created for youth to learn and build tangible skills for their teen years and beyond, while simultaneously creating a space of caring connections with peers and mentors. Specifically, youth will build skills in the areas of media and activism.
Youth will have the opportunity to create media projects which will be showcased in an open house at the  NSWC, at the end of the program. 
Hosted at 131 East 2nd Street, North Vancouver
Snacks provided

Limited spots available. Do you or a friend want to register? Do you know a youth who would enjoy a creative, empowering social group?

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Fearless group info
The North Shore Women's Centre would like to acknowledge the financial support of the following agencies for Flip the Script with EAAA™, Fearless Girls' Summer Camps, Fearless Girls After-School Group, and the Girls Hub Online Guide:
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