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Sexual Assault Resistance Education

Flip The Script - Enhanced Assess, Acknowledge, Act Sexual Assault Resistance Education Program (EAAA)

Women and girls are often taught to believe that they are responsible for preventing sexual assault. They are taught to fear strangers, to monitor what they wear, where they go, and be vigilant about their surroundings. They are taught that if they are assaulted, it was probably their fault. Girls are taught that they are not strong enough to fight back. All of this is wrong.

Women are not taught that they are never to blame when someone else makes the decision to hurt, violate or coerce them into unwanted sexual contact. Women are not taught that the men they know are the most likely to assault them. Women are not taught that verbally and physically resisting sexual assault is effective, and that they are capable of it. Women and girls are not taught about the multiple social factors that make this so difficult.

Sexual assault is NEVER the survivor's fault. Women and girls deserve safety and support - it's time to Flip the Script™.



What is Flip the Script?

Flip the Script was created in Canada and is the only program proven to reduce the risk of sexual assault for young women.  It educates young women on the realities of sexual assault, teaching them the best available knowledge and skills so they can go into the future with greater confidence.  Flip the Script was originally created for 17 – 24 year old women who are attending the first year of university, but because 50% of assaults happen to girls under the age of 18, the North Shore Women’s Centre is bringing this program to young women ages 16 – 19 in the lower mainland.


What do you mean “Proven”?

In a randomized controlled trial (which is the highest standard of research evidence possible) of 893 students, young women who took Flip the Script were 50% less likely to experience a rape or attempted rape in the following year. Women were more confident, could detect risk more quickly, knew larger numbers of effective resistance strategies, and were more willing to use them. The positive effects of taking Flip the Script last at least two years. No other program has shown benefits like these.


What Does Flip the Script Include?

This program will be offered to girls aged 16 - 19. It is 12 hours long and has four units:


  1. Assess - Learn to recognize danger cues in the guys you know, and find out which situations really put you at a higher risk. (HINT: it’s not walking alone at night!)

  2. Acknowledge - It’s really hard to admit that someone you know (and maybe like) is becoming dangerous to you. Society sometimes blames women - but it’s never your fault. Flip the script on these feelings of self-doubt and shame so you can use your wisdom and act fast – you are worth protecting!

  3. Act - Develop a toolbox of effective strategies to defend bodies and boundaries. Train for situations you are “likely” to face (not some stranger leaping from the bushes). 

  4. Enhance -  Explore your relationship values and sexual desires in a positive environment with other young women.

Program Details:

  • 12-hour sexual assault resistance education program for self-identified women aged 16-19

  • A two day program delivered in small group of 15-20 girls

Questions about Flip The Script? Email, or contact us.

This program is meant to empower young, self-identified women to trust their judgement and overcome social pressure to be "nice" when their sexual integrity is threatened. It has been developed, revised, and pilot tested by Dr. Charlene Senn at the University of Windsor over a ten-year period. For more information, please visit the SARE Centre.