Flip the Script

An evidence-based training brought to you by the NSWC

"Young women aged 16-19 please sign up to do this workshop! It will be life-changing."

Saleema Noon

We all want young women to be safe and have healthy relationships, but many of us are unsure how to give them the skills they need.  According to a recent survey(1), many high school girls in BC experience coercion and sexual assault from someone they know - a guy at their school, a friend of the family, or someone they are dating. 

What is Flip the Script™ ? 

Flip the Script™ is a 12-hour program for women aged 16-24 that cuts their risk of sexual violence by more than half(2).  It was developed at the Sexual Assault Research and Education Centre at the University of Windsor and is recognized by the Canadian Institutes for Health Research and Blueprints for Healthy Youth.  

“This program should be in all the schools.”

“The facilitators were open, friendly, and made it a safe environment for me.”

“I would tell other women to 100% sign up because it was so enjoyable and I came away so much more

knowledgeable and with so many tools!”

The 12-hour program has four units: A.A.A.E

What does it cover?


Assess involves "examining risk factors for sexual violence and cues that we might read, from the environment or from someone else’s behaviour, that indicate increased risk. We will explore ways that we can be attuned to risk without compromising our sense of freedom."

 Learn to recognize danger cues in people and situations.

 “We regularly see the devastating effect that sexual violence has on young women in our community. We are lucky to have this evidence-based program available right here on the North Shore.” 

Nicole Kennedy,  Youth Prevention Educator, the Foundry

Who can attend?

We are running this program for self-identified women aged 16 - 19. This program recognizes that LGBTQ women are at elevated risk of sexual violence from men, even if they do not date men.  ​

When is the next session?

We will be running more sessions soon. We can also run sessions upon request.

For more information or to get on the waitlist,
email  flipthescript@northshorewomen.ca or contact us.