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Drop-in Resource Centre

Our drop-in centre is open 20 hours a week


The drop-in resource room is child-friendly, and available for the purpose of socializing, working, reading, having coffee or tea, and using the internet. The Centre welcomes women and gender diverse individuals, including those who identify as trans, Two-Spirit, and/or non-binary. We have a telephone, public access computers, photocopier and fax machine available on a first come, first serve basis.  

Resource Room


and Referrals

  • Pamphlets, booklets and handouts on a variety of topics such as legal, health, low-income, abuse, counselling, employment, senior, youth, parenting, and more. 

  • Bulletin boards listing current community events, on-going programs, women's action campaigns and network postings (e.g. search for roommates, women business owners, participants for research studies, etc.)

  • A job posting clipboard with up-to-date job opportunities

  • An up-to-date list of low cost housing on the North Shore and a list of homeless shelters

We also provide referrals for the following agencies to women who access our programs and services:

Support and Peer Counselling

​Staff offer emotional support, suggest options, provide information and referrals to other services or organizations, help create action plans and assist in locating resources.

This support can be provided by phone, email or in-person. Women seek support in a number of different areas, such as: employment, education, welfare and disability benefits, low-income, physical and mental health, disabilities, housing and homelessness, legal assistance, violence and abuse, counselling, isolation, childcare, parenting, sexuality and gender, life skills, child apprehensions, and more.

Public Access Computers

Computers are available on a drop-in basis for writing cover letters and resumes, checking email, conducting Internet searches. Three computer terminals are available. Staff and volunteers provide basic assistance. 

Women use the public access computers to search for accommodation, employment and education. They create resumes, write letters and reports, search the Internet, compose and receive emails, download photographs and stream broadcasts. Many government forms and applications are also printed or completed on-line.

  • Please ask one of the staff if you need to use a phone or fax machine.

  • Local calls only for fax and phone except for toll free numbers.

  • Max of 15 min on the phone.

  • Maximum 10 pages in total for printing and photocopying. 

  • Please be mindful of others when talking on the phone.

  • If someone is waiting to use the computer, please keep it to 30 minutes/person.

  • This resource room is a small space, please be mindful of other people's privacy and confident

Resource Room Guidelines 

Emergency Food and Toiletries

We have a small storage of food and toiletries for emergency situations.  Food items are donated by the community, and include non-perishable items like: frozen foods, soups, pasta, pasta sauce, tuna, canned goods, baby food, crackers, cereal, oatmeal, grains, tea, coffee, juice, soy/rice/almond milk etc. and other meals when available. Please contact us if you require support.

Similar to emergency food items, basic emergency toiletry items such as shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, tooth brushes, pads, tampons, body lotions, soaps, etc. are also donated to the Centre and stored for distribution. 

Please note that, for the time being, we will not be completing new intakes or distributing Emergency Food and Toiletries on Tuesdays while our Fresh Food program runs, due to the popularity of the Fresh Food program and our limited staff capacity. We appreciate your patience and understanding!

Multi-Media Resource Library

Books (fiction and non-fiction), journals, reports and some audio video materials are kept in the library for use on-site or to lend for 1 month at a time.

When taking out a book, we ask everyone to fill out a form and return it on time.  

All books and materials are donated, and either written by women or about women.

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