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Veronique Dunand was practically born in a salon. Growing up in Geneva Switzerland, her grandparents were hairdressers, and so Veronique was immersed in that world from a very young age, already knowing she wanted to be a hairdresser when she was just 5 years old.

When she was old enough she moved to Paris to be classically trained and complete her extensive apprenticeship. She honed her skills and perfected her eye for creating a personal style for her clients. She moved to Canada, eventually bringing her European craft and sensibility to North Vancouver.

Veronique believes in building lasting relationships with her clients. She gets to know them well, what works for them and what doesn’t. She will follow up after an appointment to see how her client is feeling about a new style and offer tips and support for maintenance. Veronique cares deeply for her clients and is dedicated to working with them to bring out their best selves.

Veronique Dunand

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Natalia is a registered naturopathic doctor working on the North Shore. After completeing her degree at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto, she went on to work at a women’s health clinic with a focus on fertility, pregnancy and postpartum health. This entailed helping patients with various aspects such as PMS, cycle regulation, anxiety, depression, weight changes, digestion, sleep and immune support. Most of the therapies used include diet and lifestyle counselling, acupuncture, botanicals, supplements, and homeopathy. She is passionate about helping people get control over their own health and strives to educate patients on how to feel confident in doing so.

Natalia lives on the North Shore with a young family and will also be practicing in both West and North Vancouver. To find out more, please visit

Natalia Ytsma

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